Writing task 1 - How chocolate is made

By Linh Pham - June 25, 2020

The diagram provides the process by which chocolate is manufactured. Clearly, the process consists ten stages, commencing in growing cacao trees until their pods are getting ripe red and culminating with producing liquid chocolate.

At the first step, the hard-cocoa beans are grown to become big cacao trees in the continents of South America, Africa and the country of Indonesia. The qualified pods for harvesting have to be ripe red and include the white cocoa beans inside. After that, the beans will be fermented in the large trays and then spread in sun so as to dry. Following this, these cocoa beans are put in numerous sizable sacks and transported to the factory where they will be produced into chocolate by train or lorry. In the factory, the beans are roasted at a temperature of 350 degree Celsius, followed by the crushing of the beans to separate the inner cocoa beans meat from its brittle outer shell. The final step is that the back inner parts are pressed grinding machines so that we can get the thick mixture known as liquid chocolate.  

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