Stop Saying I Do Not Like It

By Kiên ơi - April 11, 2020

Saying i don't like is a little offensive sometimes. And Western culture and English language is all about being polite. So It is all about being a little evasive about your feelings, because you are also don't want to hurt people who gives you a cake and you don't like it, for example. So that, you should try to be more polite in this situation.

So below there are other ways you can replace saying 'I don't like it". And now I will let's you know some synonyms so you can diversify your speech.

1. I dislike it
which is more advanced and a little more formal.
For example:
A. Hey do you want to try some garlic soup? It's really good for your health.
B. Oh yeah, actually I dislike it

2. I am not interested it
If you are in a formal meeting and somebody gives you a proposal and you dislike it, you can say: I am not interested in jumping on it.

3. I don't appreciate it
If you feel unhappy with somebody's action you can tell them I don't really appreciate it
For example: I don't really appreciate you being rude with me in public.

4. I am not into it
This is other better way to say I don't like it.
For example:
A. Hey, do you like playing football?
B. I am sorry. I am not into it.

5. I am not fond of it
" To be fond of" means having a liking for or love of somthing or someone. So, not to be fond of something means you don't like it very much. It is also quite informal.
For example: I am not fond of combing purpe with orange.

6. I am not crazy about it
This phrase is also similar with to be fond of something.
For example: I am not crazy about sweet cake.

7. I am not a big fan
" To be a fan of something" is an expression lots of people use and most people understand. But saying " I'm not a big fan" is not as common. Of course, it means we do not like something very much.

8. That's not for me
A neutral way of explaining that something does not appeal to you, that you are not interested.
For example: The new fashion trend of high-waisted skirts is not for me.

9. It's not my cup of tea
This phrase is a little Bristish, so it's also a way to say that again " you don't like it."

10. It's not my thing
This is an American style, you can say it for almost anything.
For example:
A. So, what kind of sport do you do?
B. Yeah, it's not my thing, I don't do sport at all, I just sit at home and watch TV. (just kidding)

Hope you will apply these phrase as good as you can! Thanks so much for reading.

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